Patong Beach – Phuket, Thailand

(During our cruise last 2011, Thailand was included in the list of destinations that we visited.

A Thai once told me that Patong Beach is the most famous beach resort in Phuket.  Gladly, our ship anchored in Patong Bay and tendered us to a pier on the south side of the beach.


(Wanna know the difference between Docking and Tendering? Visit this link for more information:  Docked vs. Tendered: Two Ways to Get Ashore)

The beach was amaaaazing!!! 😍 The water was crystal clear and there were no floating candy wrappers or what nots.   Nothing to make you cringe and go eew! LOLx

phuket 1
Phuket Beachfront


The place was very touristy, though.  Which I had no issues with. You just have to be careful with some locals offering deals or packages to take you to different islands.

One thing to remember –  don’t go on a side trip, unless you can manage your time really well, when you’re on a cruise.  If you don’t make it to the port of call on time, the cruise ship will leave you behind and you’ll have to go to the next destination (or back home) at your own expense.  Again, they will not wait for you. 😂


What is a trip to Thailand without trying their local food, bargain shopping and riding an elephant? Of course we walked around to look for a place to eat, ride an elephant and shop! 🙊


For the elephant ride, we had to go to Safari Elephant Club.  It was a few minutes ride from the Beach.   A 45-minute ride costs about 1,200 baht or 1,500 pesos.   It was definitely worth it!


We had a great time in Phuket, it’s definitely a place that I’d want to visit again! =)

What I liked?

  • The beach has a lot to offer, and almost everything is walking distance
  • At the time that we were there in December 2011, the beach was clean and they managed to keep the area tidy
  • Bargain shopping was the best
  • Food was great
  • Elephant trek was amazing


What I didn’t like?

  • Locals constantly offering you this and that
  • Beach loungers were about 150 baht or 190 pesos each




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