Universal Studios

Singapore x3

Once in our lives, we also had that SG Dream. 😂  LOLx

Kim and I tried to fly to Singapore to look for a job back in 2008.  We landed ourselves a job in a small BPO firm.  But sadly, we just felt SG wasn’t for us.  We stayed there only for a couple of months.  At least, we enjoyed our stay – sort of, and we told ourselves that we will go back, and it won’t be for work.  But just for vacay. 😜 Hehe.

So, after our OFW gig last 2008 (LOLx), we want back twice.  😇

  • Sept 2011 – for a quick weekend trip
  • Dec 2011 – because it was part of our Asian Cruise

Here are some of my SG faves.  For the other places that we’ve visited, sorry for the absence of photos, I still need to find where I save them. LOLx

  • Universal Studios
  • The bridge our Aunt painted  – Pacita Abad
  • Garrett’s popcorn
  • Marche
  • Makansutra
  • IKEA!!!!
  • Reese’s
  • That square Ice Cream by the street
  • Bugis Street, and that IT centric street LOL
  • Etc… (I’ll update this blog if I find more pictures or remember something that I might have missed)
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