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Ball pit Manila – Of course, I’m still a child! 😘

We wanted to try something new and my friend, Benz, saw a post on Facebook that a new place will open soon – Ballpit Manila.

She immediately sent us the website so we can check it out –

She made reservations for us – immediately,  since we wanted to try the place ahead of everyone else.  Haha.  We were there on their opening week! 😋

Btw, we also got a good rate for making reservations early, Php349, instead of Php499. Good stuff!

So, on the day of our reservation, Kim and I got to the venue about 45 minutes early, so we decided to eat first.  On the ground floor of their neighbouring building, you can spot a Singaporean inspired restaurant called 101 Hawker Food House.   Of course I ordered Hainanese chicken! (mah fave – with all them gingery thingies! hahaha)

Anyhoo, after we had our quick lunch, we already went to Ballpit Manila.

We were welcomed by young entrepreneurs (whom I’m assuming are some of the owners) at their front desk to discuss the rules and explain the inclusions of our package.

We made reservations for 14 pax but only 6 of us showed up. Boohoo! =(
Since they cannot refund the amount we paid for the others, they just gave us more coffee and cookies! (not bad! hehe)

The experience was kinda liberating! We had a grand time throwing balls at each while waiting for the first person to call it quits.  For the most part, it was me!  HAHAHAHA  I was taking photos (ok, ok.. selfies!) and didn’t want people throwing balls at me!

We had so much fun, but really, an hour was just enough!
It is a fact that every once in a while, we really have to find time to just be silly and crazy – without feeling guilty.

Go ahead, find not just your me-time, but also your silly-and-cray-time! You’re gonna thank yourself for it!


Lemme share a few of our photos:

ball pit manila kim0fthew0rld
Kim – chillin’ like a villain’! Ha!

ballpit manila group photo


ballpitmanila fresh socks

> What I liked?

  • The concept.  I takes me back to my childhood. (Mcdonald’s Makati! Ha!)
  • We got a discount for booking early.
  • They gave us free coffee and a small dessert. (included in the package)
  • They require people to bring a pair of fresh socks – you can’t use the pair that you’re wearing already. (Kudos and props for this policy! Hygiene is key!)
  • We were informed that they actually clean these balls, one by one – I just forgot how often LOL


> What I didn’t like?

  • None, I think? Hehe


Extra Deets:

Hello, Snow White!
Hello, Snow White!
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