Scouts Honor - Century City Mall Makati

Scout’s Honor

Truth be told, life is so much better with freshly baked cookies…  and a tall glass of milkshake! <3

Scouts Honor - Century City Mall Makati



So, after having our delightful and satisfying lunch at Le Petit Soufflé, we walked around the mall to look for a place to have our dessert.  We wanted to move around a bit to give our tummies some space for the incoming sweetness that we’re all looking forward to.   Yes, we always leave room for dessert!  LOLx


It was not long after when we found cookie heaven  😆





Scout’s Honor is a cookie craft shop and it’s one of the firsts here in Manila!  You get to make your own cookie.. well, it’s more of a tell-them-what-you-want-in-your-cookie kinda thing and not a DIY thing wherein you need to knead your own dough! hahaha #needtoknead LOLx

Aside from cookies, they also have milk shakes where you get to decide what they put in them or milk in bottles that you can take home with you.

Btw,  you have an option to either build your own cookie and get really creative or choose the ready-to-eat ones like what Kim and my mom ordered:


Scouts Honor - Century City Mall Makati


And here’s what I got… *drumroll please*

Scouts Honor - Century City Mall Makati


Craft Cookie Milkshake (P270):  Horlicks Craft Milk + Green Tea Ice Cream + Camp Nutella Cookie

Thin Mints (P95): Mint buttercream sandwiched by 2 double chocolate fudge cookie


What I liked?

  • Errvaahthang!!!!!!!!!! Imma sweet tooth!
  • I like the concept of being able to design what they put on my milkshake… (to bring boys to the yard LOLx)


What I didn’t like?

  • uhmm… *looks away*


Extra deets:

  • Scout’s Honor is located at the 4/F Century City Mall (inside Hole in the wall), Kalayaan Ave., Poblacion St.
  • You can call them at (+632) 801-1230
  • Facebook: ScoutsHonorCraftCookies
  • Instagram:@scoutshonorph
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