Power Up Centro Atletico

Indoor Climbing for the First Time – Power Up Centro Atletico

Last Saturday night, Kim and I were at their place with his siblings (Karla and Ken), their cousin May and Karla’s friend Eric, sipping wine and munching on Cheetos (Jalapeño’s our fave).   We were waiting for the clock to strike 12 so we could all greet May a happy birthday.

During the course of our conversation, May mentioned that she wanted to go to Enchanted Kingdom to ride the space shuttle while Karla suggested that we try wall climbing instead.

Karla has been into wall climbing for a couple of years now and she’s been inviting us to try it, too.  My default answer has always been “No way, hindi ko kaya yan!”.  :roll:  It’s not my cup of tea, period.  Hahaha… Or maybe, I was just too afraid to try.  Hahaha

This time around though, we caved in.

Karla took us to her favorite wall climbing venue – Power Up Centro Atletico.  We were welcomed by Ate Jen, one of the instructors, and she asked us to register and pay at the cashier’s booth.


P420.00 – Climbing Fee, Harness, Shoe Rental and Belay Training
P320.00 – Climbing Fee, Harness and Shoe Rental


After settling our bill, Ate Jen gave us a quick but thorough lecture on the Do’s and Don’ts of climbing.  She also trained us how to belay.
The belay training fee is only applicable on your first visit.  Everyone needs to go through this quick session to avoid falls and accidents.  They won’t let you climb or belay if you don’t know what you’re doing!  After 3 visits, I think you can get a kick-ass belay card with your pic on it. Pretty cool, huh?


(Sorry for the quality of the photos.  I suspect that the lens of my GoPro was a bit dirty and we didn’t notice it.  🙁  Will take better snaps next time, promise!)

Power Up Centro Atletico Cubao
Power Up Centro Atletico – Pre Climb Orientation

Here’s the temporary belay card that I got since it’s my first time:

Power Up Centro Atletico


Here’s a cheat sheet of the standard procedures and climbing signals:

  1. After checking that your carabiner is locked into your harness, approach the climbing wall and shout <CLIMBING!>.
  2. Wait for your belayer to respond with <CLIMB ON!>
  3. Shout <TENSION!> if your rope is too loose.
  4. Shout <SLACK!> if your rope is too tight, pulling you off balance.
  5. Shout <FALLING!> if you feel like letting go mid way up the wall. (I found this very useful for a couple of times hahahahahahahha)
  6. Signal your belayer with <DOWN!> when you have reached the top.
  7. Wait for your belayer to tension your rope.
  8. Wait for your belayer to shout <LET GO!>.
  9. Stay facing the wall, gently kicking away from the wall to prevent hitting your knees on the holds.
  10. Enjoy the ride down  😎


Props to Karla for encouraging us to try wall climbing and for being able to belay all of us at some point since were still not used to it hahahahahhaa

Power Up Centro Atletico

Power Up Centro Atletico


Here are some of our random photos:

Power Up Centro Atletico
May’s birthday climb


Power Up Centro Atletico
My first indoor climb, ever!!! hahahaha


Power Up Centro Atletico
Erick’s post climb aura face

Kudos to Erickson for climbing one of the most challenging walls at the venue!  Like seriously, everyone stopped to watch him.  It wasn’t on my gopro but Kim was able to take a video of it on his phone.. Here’s a screenshot:

Power Up Centro Atletico


We had a grand time, we were super noisy and rowdy yet everyone around us were still very supportive!  LOLx We were our own support group but the other climbers were also very encouraging.  We displayed a very child-like behaviour but Ate Jen was very patient with us. Hahahaha (Thank you so much, Ate Jen!!!)

We will definitely go back!!

PS:  Ang daming hugot after the climb!!! Nakakaloka!

“Ang love parang climbing shoes lang – di pwedeng sakto lang. Kelangan nasasaktan ka!” ~ Karla

“Ang pag-ibig parang wall climbing, bawal magfall pag yung isa di ready..masasaktan ka kasi.” ~ Erick

“Wag ka kasi agad naniniwala. para di ja nahuhulog.” ~ May

“Ok lang ma fall kahit di ready yun isa.. Minsan sasaluhin ka pa rin nya kasi wala na syang choice..” ~ Karen

“Ok lang ma fall basta wag lang idadamay ang ulo.. at puso..” ~ Kim


Here’s proof that when you have the right support group, you can make it to the top!!!


What I liked?

  • The bathroom was air conditioned, well maintained and super clean!!! Love it!!!  😆
  • As mentioned before, they won’t let you climb unless you understand all the safety precautions.
  • The instructors were very friendly and supportive!!! (Thanks again.. and again… Ate Jen!)
  • They have a small canteen in case you need to have a quick snack, they also sell my fave, Pocari sweat (P55.00).
  • Climbing is unlimited.  You pay, climb, rest, climb again.. and again.. and again…  They won’t rush you nor ask you to pay more if you wish to stay longer! Coolio!

What I didn’t like?

  • Everyone was happy to see us and show us around but the lady manning the cashier’s booth needs a little bit of customer service training.  Ate girl, smiling a bit won’t hurt, try mo?  😉

Extra deets:

  • If you don’t feel like renting or using their climbing shoes, it’s fine.  Use your own sneakers.  Just tell them ahead of time so they won’t charge you for it.  Do know though that those shoes are specifically designed for climbing, hence they will encourage you to use them but they won’t force you.
  • Bring your own water jug (filled with water of course), you’ll find that it will come in handy.  Trust me on this.
  • Bring toiletries with you if you wish to shower after.
  • Before anything else, stretch! Don’t just waltz in there and climb.  You’ll feel awfully sore after if you don’t prep!
  • Listen attentively during the short orientation.  No, really, you have to ensure that you know what you’re doing to avoid getting hurt or causing pain
  • They’re located at #25 West Road cor. North Road, Cubao, Quezon City
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