DIY Vertical Herb Garden MojitoMonologues Wood Palette Project 7

DIY Vertical Herb Garden – Wood Pallet Project

I took a stab at growing herbs a few years back but failed.  Probably because of either too much love or neglect, I really have no idea. =(

I have a theory though that it might be because I placed them outside my bedroom window, near the aircon box thingy..  Might have been too hot for them, right?

Well, I didn’t have much choice because I was still living in my condo (Makati) then.

So when we moved to a townhouse after leaving Eastwood, I got excited because I can finally build myself a vertical herb garden!   (my eyes glowed when I saw the pocket garden opportunity at our little townhouse!)

Without further ado, let me show you how I built my vertical herb garden!  😉

First things first! Know what you want and why you want them.

I listed down the herbs/ plants that I wanted to take care of and hopefully propagate.  I had my reasons why I chose/ listed them down:

  • Basil – I am a fan of everything pesto.  When I had basil before and got bored with my chips, I just whip up some basil leaves, garlic and mayo for an instant pesto dip! And of course, who doesn’t love pasta with pesto sauce?
  • Rosemary – I love chicken breast!!! Chicken breast + Rosemary leaves + olive oil + garlic!!! Nuff said! Makes your kitchen smell good, too! hahaha
  • Lemon Balm – Lemon balm has a ton of uses, and because of its lemony and minty flavor, using their leaves to make infused water’s just one of them!! According to pinterest, you can also use their leaves to make bug spray.  (Will find out how! hehe)
  • Lavender – Just because they smell good.  I am yet to explore how to use them.  Any ideas? Share, please!? =)
  • Oregano – I like oregano for its smell and cuteness (I find them cute, bat ba!), not exactly for culinary purposes. Also, I’ve been told (since STC days) that Oregano’s an insect repellant! Bongga!
  • Stevia – Low cal sugar alternative, plant version.  The powdered version’s available in health stores and groceries, but we’ve gathered that it’s better (and more hipster) to use the real deal.  Hahaha Kim chews on them casually. LOL
  • Aloe Vera – Big Fan!!! I use it a lot for hair and skin care!


After finalizing my list, I did my homework and looked for a source. 😯
Kim accompanied me to a nearby village to purchase these babies but I had to transfer them to my car after ’cause he needed to go elsewhere.

We just lined my car seats with newspaper and placed those green babies in boxes to prevent them from making a mess or flying around everywhere while I drive. LOL

(Di naman ako muka sobra excited, noh?  😆 )

DIY Vertical Herb Garden 2 MojitoMonologues DIY Vertical Herb Garden MojitoMonologues



I had 3 more stops before heading home – a garden supply store, The DIY Shop and Wilcon Builder’s depot.  You’ll know why in a bit. =)

When I got home, I laid my wood pallet down and placed the planters on top so I can visualize how I’d be positioning them later on.

(Look at monkey, nakiki chismis! hahaha)

DIY Vertical Herb Garden MojitoMonologues Wood Palette Project


I initially wanted to use hose clamps or pipe clamps to hold the planters against the wood pallet but both The DIY Store and Wilcon didn’t have them. :roll:

I opted to DIY a planter hanger using wires instead.

Tadaaaaaah!!!!  😆

DIY Vertical Herb Garden 2 MojitoMonologues Wood Pallet Project 3 DIY Vertical Herb Garden MojitoMonologues Wood Palett Project 4 DIY Vertical Herb Garden MojitoMonologues Wood Palette Project 5

Truth be told, I was amazed that I was able to make those “hangers”! LOL.. In fair ha, twisting wires and forming them into hangers requires talent and patience pala! Char!!  hahahahaha

Kidding aside, it was relatively easy! =) You just have to make sure that they fit, and the allowance that you put should be exact or else they will droop  and won’t be stable when you hang them.

It was a process of measuring the wire against the planter, twisting and knotting the wire, fitting them againts the wood pallet and making adjustments so they don’t move about.   😛

After my wire gig, I took the spray paint that I got from The Diy Store and painted my planters.  I bought 2 cans but ended up using just one.  (More purple projects!!! LOL)

I placed the planters inside the box that I used to transport my green babies and painted them there.  I did this to avoid staining our garage floor.

Color: Can says “No. 327 – Deep Violet”


DIY Vertical Herb Garden 2 MojitoMonologues Wood Pallet Project DIY Vertical Herb Garden 2 MojitoMonologues Wood Pallet Project 2


I let the paint dry then started transplanting.  I used the potting medium and fertilizer that I bought from the same supplier.


DIY Vertical Herb Garden MojitoMonologues Wood Palette Project 6


It was a fulfilling experience, to be honest.
I told myself (and the people around me)that I will never touch dirt/soil, and they kept saying that I can’t be a good gardener if I don’t get dirty. That I need to be one with nature.

The germophobe in me answered – “Duh!?? Gloves??!!!”.   :roll:  😎 (arte! haha)

And because I was too caught up looking for the materials that I needed, I forgot to buy a pair of gloves! Seriously!!!! Of all the things na makakalimutan ko, yun pa talaga! Ang galing lang!!!! 😳

I had no choice but to use my small shovel,… and my hands.  Hahahaha
So, ok na ah? Quota na ako sa one-with-nature na yan! LOL

On a serious note, I think you really have to experience getting dirty with your plants.  I think part sya talaga.  🙂


Anyhoo, here’s the final #ootd of my green babies! hahaahahaha

DIY Vertical Herb Garden MojitoMonologues Wood Palette Project 7

♥︎ I love ’em! I really do! ♥︎


If you have anything to contribute to my green thumb (or lack of it) journey or if you have any questions, please let me know.

If you have your own herb garden and you want to share some tips, by all means, contact me!

(Or kahit wag na tips, pa chismis na lang ng garden mo! hahaha)



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  1. super super super love your DIY project. Like you, I also like organic gardening. vertical gardening is a brilliant solution for lack of garden space. ika nga…. pag gusto may paraan!

  2. I also have a mini “garden” at home. I was trying to grow herbs, but only basil made it. I had been meaning to have a vertical garden because the stray cats kept on murdering my plants. :p

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