Mad Mark's Johnnie Double Black Ribs P285

Mad Mark’s Creamery & Good Eats – Mad about you, true!

Two Sunday’s ago, Katie and I randomly planned to hook up for dinner.  Since we’ve never dined around the Katipunan area together, we decided to meet at the UP Town Center.  We both agreed to choose the restaurant when we see each other.  #bahalanagang #lol

Kim and I got there first so we decided to walk around and look for a place to eat.   😉

We tried to get a table at Rub Ribs but we were told that we had to wait for a while since there were 11 groups who came ahead of us.  We opted to walk away and went to Silantro instead.  We were then told that we’re #29 on their list – No way!!! My tummy couldn’t wait that long! LOL

We strolled further and Kim made a detour at the Urban Athletics to buy his 4th pair of Adidas Superstar #adiklang  :roll:

Anyhoo, after meeting Katie and Patrick , we all made a mutual decision to try this Vietnamese restaurant (forgot the name).  We were enticed by the photos of their rice meals showcased all over their display window. To our disappointment, we had to leave their establishment because we were told that their rice meals were only available during weekdays and their aircon’s busted.

The waiter even suggested that we order their noodle soups (Pho) instead.  Uhmm… Soup? No aircon? Nah!  👿

We ended up going to Mad Mark’s.

Truth be told, it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  It felt like it was meant to be, ang drama lang? hahahahaha

Yes, we had to wait for a bit, but according to Katie, it’s going to be worth it naman daw.


Of course,  snapchat while waiting to be seated:

Mad Mark's UPTown



Katie and I ordered the same dish, Patrick and Kim ordered the same dish, cute namen! LOL
Although we chose different side dishes and sauces naman, ha… hehehe


Creole Grilled Chicken (P245.00) – White Chicken Meat with Herbs & Spices, served with Bootstrap Steak Sauce.


Mad Marks Creole Grilled Chicken P245

The chicken was tender and cooked to my liking.    It wasn’t bland at all, in contrast to what others would usually say about white meat, and dipping it in their bootstrap steak sauce makes it insanely good! <3

For my sidings, I chose their Garden Grains and Bacon Potato salad.  I instantly fell in love with the latter!! It was to die for!! I even asked for extra dressing since it was too tasty and heavenly that my tongue was just begging for more – not kidding!!!


Johnnie Double Black Ribs (P285.00) – A slab of sweet and spicy ribs glazed with their Johnnie Double Black sauce

Mad Marks Johnnie Double Black Ribs P285


The meat was so tender that it falls off the bones,  it was wickedly scrumptious!  The Johnnie Double Black sauce was da bomb! I found myself cheating on my bootstrap steak sauce, dipping my chicken on Kim’s Johnnie Double Black sauce for a couple of times!  😈


And who leaves Mad Mark’s without trying their ice cream?  That would be cray!!!!  No one, and I mean NO ONE, should leave without having at least a scoop, or two.. or three..  😆

Know that they are generous enough to let you try their ice creams before placing an order.  If you like sampling, go for it.  But to be honest, it confused me more – cos they were all super duper yummy! 🙂  I’d say just take a stab at a random flavor on their list, they will not disappoint, don’t worry!


Javan Hot Chocolate and Monkey Fudge Ice Cream (P90.00/scoop)

Mad Marks Javan Hot Chocolate and Monkey Fudge


If you want a trip to chocolate ice cream heaven, go for the Javan Hot Chocolate!!!! The dark chocolate flavor was rich and intense but surprisingly not too sweet, nor bitter.   They definitely nailed this flavor!!!

And if you want to experience what it’s like if chocolate married banana, go for the monkey fudge!!!! I’d say that this ice cream is a creamy (dreamy) and happy flavor.  I couldn’t stop smiling, like seriously! I even kept saying “Ba’t ganon? Ba’t ang sarap?”

I’d give a perfect score for their ice cream’s visual appeal, flavor, texture, and consistency!
Nothing fancy, just honest-to-goodness freshly made artisanal ice cream no one could resist.  😀

PS: I wasn’t able to take a photo of Katie and Patrick’s ice cream because I was too busy having a relationship with my monkey fudge!!  😳  I tried theirs and it was super good, too!!!


Happy tummy bunch..

Mad Marks UP Town Center


That’s Katie, foodstagrammin’…

Mad Marks UP Town Center with Katie and Pat


This photo was taken after our quick trip to Family Mart, we had to buy our own drinks because they didn’t have soda at the time of our visit.. They gladly allowed us to bring our own.. (Thank you, Mad Mark’s! hehehe)

Mad Mark's UP Town Center


What I liked?

  • Every little thang!!!!! Promise!!! #walangtapon #walangbola  (I intend to go back to try another dish, but my heart’s telling me to order the same spread ‘cos ang sarap talaga!!! So I don’t know, I’m confused pa! hahaha But one thing’s for sure, we’ll be back for more! 😀 )

What I didn’t like?

  • We had to buy our own drinks from the convenience store, which wasn’t too convenient  🙁  I really can’t remember if their inventory was low on soda or they really didn’t have soft drinks on their menu.  Everything the waitress said muffled when I heard “wala pong Coke light…”


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