GoPro Leather Case when worn

GoPro Hero Case – Genuine Leather (Discount code below! – EXPIRED)

We all know that the GoPro is the world’s most versatile camera.  It is not a secret that it has dominated the action camera scene for a long time now.  Hence, most of its users are those who are athletic, adventurous and always on the go.

Since the GoPro is often used in extreme conditions (underwater adventures, sporting activities, and the like), most of us are not able to utilize it on regular days.  Why?  Because it’s either we’re too afraid to remove it from its protective case or having to take it around with all of its accessories makes it inconvenient.

Or… some may find that it’s not that pretty or it’s slightly less stylish.

This shouldn’t be the case.  Get a leather case! *LOL*

Turn your GoPro into a fashion-forward statement piece while still protecting it.
Not because it’s a GoPro, it can’t be trendy nor hip(ster).  😆 #hindiakohipster #clearkolang *LOL*

GoPro Leather Case


The leather case that I got comes with a UV filter and cap.
Aside from protecting the GoPro and its super sensitive lens, this adds to that “vintagey” or “retro” feel that the leather case is kinda going for.

GoPro Hero 4 with Leather Case


GoPro Leather Case with UV Lens and Cap

With the protective cap on:

GoPro Leather Case with Lens Cap


Without the cap showing the UV filter:

GoPro Leather Case with UV Lens


Back view showing the touchscreen:

GoPro Leather Case Back View LCD Screen


Did I mention that this baby’s made with genuine leather, handmade and locally produced?
Patot, the seller, shared this picture with me and I’m sharing it with you guys.  (with her permission of course!  😎 )

HandMade Leather for GoPro


When you buy a set, you’re not only turning your GoPro into a super cute everyday camera but you’re also supporting our local workers.  Not bad, right?


Here’s a bonus! Take a screenshot of the coupon code below and send it to Patot via Facebook chat and get a special discount!!!

Coupon Code


Extra Deets:

  • Costs P1350.00 – leather case, UV Filter and protective cap
  • Discount code is not applicable for meetups, only for shipping orders
  • Seller’s Facebook: Patot Isidero Libero of LakwatsaLove or click here
  • Update:  SOLD OUT as of July 21, 2016.  Per seller, fresh stocks will be available in 2 weeks.  I think it’s best to pre-order or make reservations as early as now.  They’re selling like hotcakes!  =)

Meet the seller, super legit and pretty!

Patot Isiderio Libero


If you own a GoPro, you need to have this.  Trust me, it’s really super cute!  😉





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