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Collawhite Facial with Red Light Therapy – SkinStation

Proper skincare gives you glowing, healthy and beautiful skin, this means you can wear less makeup and let the skin shine through.  😉

And since I do not have the talent, time and patience for putting on make-up, I put extra effort on skincare.  Well, not too much, I just make sure I drink tons of water daily, get regular facials, and use products that I feel would improve my skin’s appearance and texture.  (ang arte ko don? LOL)

Kidding aside, I am a fan of everything “ikakaganda ng skin”.  If someone tells me to put (insert any urban myth here) on my face for 20 mins to make it softer or whatever, I’ll do it.  In a heartbeat.  Of course, I’ll google some information first, dba?  But, really… I will try it.  I don’t mind walking around with egg whites and oatmeal bits on my face.  If it’s supposed to make my skin look and feel better, be it!


So last Tuesday, I decided to give SkinStation’s hotline a call to book an appointment.  I was told by the super duper nice CSR Aiza that she can give me a schedule for Wednesday morning. She even helped me decide what type of facial and treatment to try.

A few minutes after the call, I got an SMS from Aiza asking me to reply with my full name to confirm my appointment.  How organized? =) Love it!

On Wednesday morning, I got another SMS reminder from Ms. Emz of SkinStation Megamall.  I appreciate these gestures and I feel they are worth mentioning because not all skin care clinics would go out of their way to set appointments for you, let alone remind you the day itself.

Here’s a photo of SkinStation Megamall:

SkinStation Megamall Branch


On their counter, they have tons of product testers.  Literally, you can spend hours trying out products and they will tirelessly answer all your questions about them.  Of course,  they want you to try their products first before you make a purchase!   😎

SkinStation Product Testers


SkinStation values their customer’s privacy.  Hence, all their branches have PRIVATE treatment rooms.  For the Megamall branch they have 12 rooms.  Here’s the left side or half portion of their clinic:

SkinStation Private Treatment Rooms


Here’s how it looks like inside the treatment room:

SkinStation Private Treatment Room


And if you know me really well, you’d know that I have a thing for toilets.  I feel that the toilet says a lot about any establishment.  I get awfully turned off by nasty toilets.  Like OA levels.

Having said this, I am posting a photo of SkinStation’s toilet because I am greatly impressed that they exerted effort to make it spacious, neat and fragrant.

SkinStation Very Clean Toilet




Btw, I booked an appointment for Kim, too! And yes, we prefer going on spa dates, facials, etc. over drinking and partying.  Might be our age? Nah. Priorities.  We’d rather look good than wasted, I guess.  😳

SkinStation Megamall Kim and Kay


I also want to reiterate, men who look after their skin’s not sissy nor unmanly.  I think it’s hygiene and good grooming.  Who wouldn’t want a well-groomed guy whom you can have facials with? May boyfriend ka na, may BFF ka pa! (Love ya, Babylove!)


SkinStation Kim Legaspi
Kim having his CollaWhite Facial


So let’s now discuss the Facial Treatment/s that we tried.  😀  Well, I got the Collawhite Facial plus Red Light Therapy.  Kim got just the CollaWhite Facial. =)

CollaWhite Facial (P700.00) – Choose this facial if you want a firmer and smoother skin. The post-treatment serum (CollaWhite) also evens out your skin tone, lightens discolorations and boosts you skin’s collagen production.

Red Light Therapy (P500.00) – I got this as an add-on or post-facial therapy.  This treatment aims to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and stimulate the activity of the fibroblasts responsible for collagen and elastin production.  This therapy gives your skin elasticity and helps smooth or delay the signs of aging.


Disclaimer: The photos posted below during treatment are unedited and unfiltered.  The only editing done was cropping and adding of watermark.  So if you don’t want to see my blemishes and “I woke up like this face”, I politely ask you to leave. HAHAHAHAHAHA


Before each treatment session, you will be provided with a newly washed (it smells great, btw) tube/towel dress.  Why? So that you won’t have to worry about wrinkling your clothes or getting them wet or stained with skin care products, etc. I find that this is such a cute and thoughtful gesture.

SkinStation OOTD
#SkinStation #OOTD #whynot


Facial cleansing and massage:

SkinStation Facial Massage


Scrubbing and exfoliating:

SkinStation Facial Scrubbing



SkinStation Collawhite Facial during steaming
ADHD lang? hahahaha



SkinStation Facial Pricking
Goodbye, nasty blackheads!


Vacuum and Suctioning:

SkinStation Facial Vacuum


High-Frequency Laser:

SkinStation Post Facial High Frequency Laser


Red Light Therapy (about 15mins):

Redlight Therapy SkinStationPh

SkinStation Red Light Therapy copy

SkinStation Red Light Therapy Anti Aging Treatment


CollaWhite Serum infusion using a cryo stamp machine:

SkinStation Facial including neck collawhite serum


SkinStation CollaWhite Facial Iono Applicator
Please note that the syringe doesn’t have a needle, it was just used to administer the serum


CollaWhite Serum SkinStation


Infladerm and Dermax UV Milk Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF50 application:

SkinStation Dermax UV Milk Application Post Facial
Sleepy and relaxed face <3


Post Facial Selfie: (LOL lang!)

SkinStation Megamall Collawhite Facial WM


Meet Ms. Perly and Ms. Melai the pretty aestheticians who pampered us today!

Skin Station Kim Ms Perly Ms Melai Kay
Matchy matchy? =D

With Ms. Emz (the kind lady who texted me and reminded me about my appointment)

SkinStation Kay Ms Perly, Ms Melai and Ms Emz

(Super Duper thanks to Ms. Melai for taking pics during our treatment session!! Hehe Hope you like them donuts! (suhol para next time ulet!! hahaha) Love lots!)


Did I see or feel any difference on my skin after the treatment?  Yes.

My skin felt a little bit tighter and it looked brighter after the session.

The red light therapy helped reduce some of the fine lines around my eyes.  I don’t have much yet but I’m looking forward to trying this therapy again for maintenance and to see further results!

Of course, I did not come out with a celebrity’s porcelain skin after, but the difference was noticeable.  It wasn’t that significant because I didn’t have acne or pimples to begin with.  (which I’m thankful for!)  But I came out happy and pleased.  🙂

My favorite part was leaving the skin clinic with no more blackheads and whiteheads!  And my pores were less noticeable!! GOALS! hahahaha I also felt relaxed and prettier after! Naks!



What I liked?

  •  I think the reps answering calls for SkinStation are not just appointment setters, Aiza was very knowledgeable of their products and services.  This is a plus especially if you’re kinda confused on what type of treatment you’re going to try.
  • Everyone at the branch was super nice, polite and accommodating.  Didn’t see anyone there who wasn’t wearing a smile.  🙂
  • The Red Light Therapy was painless, non-surgical, non-invasive and there was no downtime at all.  I actually did not feel anything, other than relaxed.  I took a nap during the session, btw.
  • The serum was infused using a cryo stamp machine to rapidly cool the surface of the skin for improved absorption of the treatment serum.  They don’t just rub creams on your face to get it over with so they can move on to the next client.  They are very careful and precise with their procedures.
  • They include the neck area during sessions.  SkinStation doesn’t like the idea of the “not pantay” look
  • They have a very cozy and relaxing ambiance.
  • Since they encourage their customers to book appointments ahead, the place is not cramped or noisy.
  • Did I mention that their toilet’s super clean? (Big fan of clean toilets!!! Yas!)


What I didn’t like?

  • They don’t have a branch that’s super near me yet.  But I’m crossing my fingers. <3


Extra Deets:

  • To book an appointment or schedule a FREE consultation with their doctors, call the numbers below:
    • Customer Care Hotline: (02) 405 5790*
      0925 525 8323 (Sun)
      0917 583 GLOW (4569)
      Hotline Business Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9:30AM to 9:00PM
  • Website:
  • Facebook: SkinStationPh
  • Instagram: @skinstationph


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