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Lose weight, Detoxify and Decrease risk to developing obesity – It’s SO EASY!

We all love our bodies. I mean, who doesn’t?

We do everything that we can to look beautiful, be in tip-top shape, age gracefully and prevent diseases.


How do we achieve this?
We exercise regularly to burn calories and stay fit, engage in physical activities to stay active and alert, and eat a healthy and balanced diet to ensure we don’t gain too much weight.


Ahhh… so if we do all this, we are guaranteed to be at the pink of our health?


Hmm… not really.

Aside from doing a physical check of ourselves in front of the mirror, we also need to do a temp check on what’s going on inside our bodies.  If not, all our efforts will go to waste because we only look good on the outside, but not feel good on the inside.


At this day and age, it is inevitable that sometimes the food that we eat, no matter how careful we are, would contain preservatives, food additives, pesticides and unhealthy ingredients. These are toxic materials and most of the time, they choose to live inside of us – in our colons.





Our body was beautifully crafted that it can detoxify itself. However, some of these unwanted toxins remain in our bodies and we can only eliminate them with the aid of colon cleansing products.

If not, these unwanted fecal matters (#eew) will cause serious health issues that lead us to regret why we’ve put off cleansing our colons for such a long time.

why colon cleanse


Do you want to learn more about colon cleansing and its benefits?

Attend the SO EASY Life Changing Forum!



So Easy Life Changing Forum Invite


The Lifestyle Changing Forum is a 3-part series which allows us to discover our lifestyle, if we’ve been good to our body or not!  😕

Let me show you a sneak peak on what to expect:


 Mindful Eating (first month)

  • Assess lifestyle eating patterns – What type of eater are you?
  • Learn to identify types of hunger
  • Learn about practical methods of correcting wrong eating patterns

Mindful Movement (second month)

  • Assess exercise lifestyle patterns – What motivates or hinders you to exercise?
  • Energy balance: calories in and calories out
  • Strategies for various exercise patterns

Coping and Stress Management (3rd month)

  • Assess coping lifestyle pattern – Are you an emotional eater or a doubtful dieter?
  • Learn coping styles and flexibility
  • Strategies for coping with stress without adding extra pounds
  • The Art of Mindful Breathing and Scheduling Your Snooze


The main speaker for the event is Ms. Cheshire Que, she is a notable Philippine and USA Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, and is regularly approached for comments by the media on all areas of diet and nutrition, such as GMA 7’s Unang Hirit, State of the Nation by Jessica Soho and Pinoy MD; GMA TV’s Good News; ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda and Balls Channel; TV 5’s Interaksyon and Good Morning Club , Cosmopolitan Magazine, Garage Magazine and Celebrity Living Philippines among others. She shares her wealth of wellness and practical healthy lifestyle change tips through her weekly column Healthy Ever After in Manila Bulletin’s Health and Fitness Section.

Chesire Que
Ms. Cheshire Que



Ms. Armi Montano, a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian and a Registered Nurse, will give a talk about the So Easy Colon Cleanse with Wheatgrass product.  She is also the Chief Nutrition Officer Wellness Worx International, Inc.

Armi Montano
Ms. Armi Montano


The forum not only offers a fun and interactive lecture but also a 3 day so easy colon cleansing program. It is a thorough and cleansing program that is very effective in promoting weight loss. It is a complete diet program that replaces all regular meals.

Unlike fad or starvation diets which makes us feel sluggish or nauseated due to loss of vitamins and mineral, the cleansing program provides the body with essential nutrients necessary for weight loss.


For only P9,990.00, you’ll get all this:

a. 3 boxes of So Easy Colon Cleanse with Wheatgrass Product
b. 1 kilo of Wheatgrass Power Plus
c. So Easy items (tumbler, shirt and other freebies)
d. Registered nutritionist-dietitians will discuss the product and topics related to weight loss and health in general.

Get a discount if you book your slot on or before August 5, 2016.  Pay only P8,990.00 instead of the price mentioned above.


Live healthier and make better choices, it’s SO EASY!  🙂


So Easy Colon Cleanse Flat Tummy


Extra Deets:

  • When: August 13, 2016
  • Time: 9:00am
  • Where: Makati Sports Club
  • RSVP: 0995-592-5747; 0905-575-7799; 0917-569-32079; 0998-966-7284
  • Facebook: @SoEasyColonCleanse


So Easy Colon Cleanse Life Changing Forum

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