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Lipstick to Love – Hy-dra Matte Liquid Lipstick

These days, make-up manufacturers would often brag on their ads that their lipsticks are transfer-proof, kiss-proof, water-proof, etc.  But are all of them true to their word?

Well, I’m guessing that if you want something fool-proof,  you should go for expensive cosmetics brands.  :roll:

Not true.

The price tag does not always dictate the quality of the product.


Natura Organics sells their Hy-dra Matte Liquid Lipstick at an amount that won’t hurt your pocket.  If you can afford a frappuccino from Starbucks, then you can afford their lipstick.

I am happy that they offer their products to consumers at a very low price without compromising quality.  I know this because the CEO and Founder is a dermatologist herself,  Doc Mel.  And I don’t think  that she will ruin her reputation by selling poorly made cosmetics.  🙂  That gave me enough reason to feel secured that the products I’m putting on my face are safe, healthy and organic to boot.


Enough with the chatter, let me show you my “now” favorite color.  #41.


I love love love the shade of this lipstick!  It’s vibrant but not overbearing,  I think that it will compliment any type of skin color.   Any girl who wears this shade would feel pretty, I reckon.   😉


Looking at the video I posted above, you’ll see that spite me kissing the back of my hand for a number of times, the color or lipstick wasn’t transferring at all.  Amazing, dba?  I really couldn’t believe it at first that’s why I decided to film it and show it off. Hahaha


Aside from its awesome tinting abilities and staying power, the application was very easy, no pulling or tugging like other matte lipsticks.  I say this as a non-expert on make-ups.  I do not have the patience to use lip liners, brushes etc.  I want something straight forward.  I only have enough patience to pop a tube and swipe.  LOL  This baby did not fail me.  😎


Initially, I had doubts about its consistency and pigmentation because when I popped the tube open for the first time, I felt like it was too watery so I gave it a shake.  After shaking, I discovered that it was actually creamy and highly pigmented.  I didn’t have to put on a whole lot and it wasn’t dry at all!!.   Bonus points, it smells really really good. (For me it smells like grape juice) 😀


Now let’s move on to shade #35.

To give you a background, I applied this lipstick at around 6ish and took a nap at around 7am.  (Who does that? LOL)

I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth at around 9ish and got ready to leave to run some errands.  The color faded ever so slightly but not to the point that I had to touch up.  (Hello, mag toothbrush ka ba naman ng naka  lipstick? LOL)  

Kim and I had our late lunch at around 2ish and as you can see on the video, my lips were still colored (Colored talaga??),  it didn’t look bad but the color was noticeably lighter.  (Newsflash: This was about 8hrs after I applied it!  Who was I to complain?)

So, after 3 slices of my favorite Peperroni Crunch Pizza, Chicken and Mojos (Ang takaw ko? sorry na! Who doesn’t love pizza? Ano ba!), the color towards the center of my lips faded completely and it was a hint that it was time to re-apply.

It was such a mystery to me that after eating and all,  the table napkin that I was using stayed clean and was free from lipstick stains.  I did not check for glass transfers though but I’ll do that next time.

Oh well, kung nakain ko man sya, don’t panic – it’s organic!!!! Hahaha

Btw, I used SnapChat so I can show the timestamps.  😎  (snapchat: Karma1101)


I like the color of this lipstick, but I’d say that it’s not an everyday shade for me.  That’s just me though, if you think that you can wing it, go for it!

If you want an extra boost of confidence or you just want to feel bold and beautiful, this can be your go-to color.  It’s also nice to know that since the color’s quite strong and highly pigmented, it can last you the whole day without having to retouch.




What I liked?

  • I love #41, sincerely!!  😉
  • Knowing that my lips are chapped almost all the time, both lipsticks did not dry my lips – at all.  They stayed hydrated, soft and supple.  You can see this on both videos, I guess.
  • It smells really good, like seriously.
  • Transfer-proof and can be worn all day with minimal touch-ups.  Hence, you get more mileage.  Bang for your buck!
  • Price, not expensive. Period!


What I didn’t like?

  • Unless you give it a good shake, you might need to do multiple coats.  (Mental note: Always shake before swiping)


Extra Deets:

  • Instagram: @realnaturaorganics
  • Website:
  • Trivia:  Natura Organics offers the best natural and organic skin care products in the country and they received an award at the 2014 Golden Globe’s for Business Excellence.

natura organics award













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