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Chase the Sun – Where to take good sunrise photos in Boracay

When I look at my newsfeed or timeline, more often that not, I see more photos of breath-taking and picturesque sunsets than that of the sunrise.

I reckon that maybe, there are far fewer people who are awake in the early morning to catch the beauty that the sunrise has to offer.

Nonetheless, I feel that the sunrise is equally gorgeous and it needs ample attention, too.  😉



People from all over the world pays the island of Boracay a visit for its crystal clear water, pristine white sand and the perfect view of the sun.   😎


Some might say that “Bora” is overrated, but I beg to disagree.  I’ve been to a number of beaches in and outside of the Philippines (The Côte d’Azur in France, Phuket in Thailand, Mallorca in Spain, to name a few), but Boracay stays on the top of my list.  (Things might change though if and when I get the chance to visit the Maldives or Santorini/Mykonos.  Lord, Please!! Hehe)  


You’ll find the best spot to take stunning pictures of the sunrise on the eastern shore of Boracay, Bulabog Beach.

Our hotel was located in Station 1 and Bulabog beach wasn’t exactly near.   We exerted great effort to get a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise by waking up at around 3:45am.  We hailed a cab (tricycle pala! LOL) and paid about P75.00 to get to the eastern part of Boracay.  This rate’s for 2pax and I think it can go lower if you allow others to ride with you.  We opted a private ride.  Hehe (btw, if you tell the driver that you’re going to Bulabog beach to catch the sunrise, they’d know where to drop you off.  PRO TIP:  If they tell you that they’ll just drop you off at the “bungad” part and that you’ll have to walk for about a few minutes, tell them that you want to be dropped off sa“may looban, yun may beach na” so you walk less. Haha  We learned this the hard way!)


Enough of the chatter, here are the snaps that we took from 4:56am to 5:55am.  (using an iPhone6)

(Note: none of these photos weren’t edited, just added the watermarks, dazzit! :-D)


Boracay Sunrise 456am MM



Boracay Sunrise 5am MM



Boracay Sunrise 510am MM



Boracay Sunrise 517am MM



Boracay Sunrise 525am MM



Boracay Sunrise 539am MM



Boracay Sunrise 555am MM



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