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Globe Broadband – Updated Plans 2016 (10mbps at Plan 1299)

If you are a current Globe Broadband subscriber, you have to call 730-1000 now!

Last Friday, 19th of August,  Globe launched their new and exciting broadband plans! This means that you can already subscribe to speeds of up to 10mbps for only P1299.00 per month with an increase on usage allocation, too.

We are currently subscribed to their Plan 1599 which only includes a usage allocation of 50GB per month at a maximum speed of 5mbps.  Now we can upgrade to a 15mbps plan with an allocation of 150GB per month at the same price.   😀 Yaaaaaaay!!!!



Globe Updated DSL Broadband Plans 2016


Globe posted an update about the 10mbps plan on their Facebook page but I haven’t seen too much hype on it.   Not so sure if they’re keeping it at a down low but I wouldn’t have discovered this  if not for my friend, Benz.  (Thank you Behnaz, Super Duper!!!!! 😀 )


Globe Telecom Updated Plans 2016


Sadly,  you have to call them to upgrade your current plan and they won’t do it automatically.   You also have to wait for 3-5 business days for them to provide feedback if the upgrade will take place and if your area’s covered.

To be honest, I really don’t mind waiting for a week to get feedback about the upgrade!  That’s 15mbps for us versus 5mbps at no extra cost kaya wag na choosy!  😉  They’ll even deliver a free Chromecast device right at our doorstep!  We already own a Smart TV but what the heck, we can use the device for our other television anyway, FREE pa rin yon, yung ang important! LOL  Also, we’ll get to enjoy FREE Netflix for the next 6 months.  The customer service rep warned me that if we do not call to cancel HOOQ and Netflix on the 5th month, it will be auto-renewed and additional fees will be imposed.   I’ve set a calendar reminder for this already.  Hehe

Unlike first world countries where speeds of up to 100mbps is pretty common, I am still calling a celebration for this milestone.  Sabi nga nila, change is coming.  And for me, any improvement may it be big or small is still a sign of progress!  😎


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7 thoughts on “Globe Broadband – Updated Plans 2016 (10mbps at Plan 1299)

  1. Can I ask po about Globe dsl, Pag po naubos na ung caps nya di po ba mawawalan sya ng connection? Gamit ko kc Globe LTE un 1299 kaso pag ubos na ng 50gb caps nya nawawala na ung conexon ko meron man as in sobrang bagal na as in useless na sya. How about sa dsl po? Wait ko po response nio

    1. hi Jane! Thank you for your comment and sorry super late reply.. Anyway, I’m on the 1599 plan, di pa naman namin na try na maubos yung allocation. But based on my conversation with Globe, pag na ubos mo na sha, your speed will go down but not necessarily na mawawalan ka ng internet =)

    2. Naku parusa sa amin ang globe jan 15 p lang ubos na 10mbps 100 gig sales talk ako.may notice next month p ulit yung available data.may online exams ang mga anak ko hindi pwede yung ganito. At sobra bagal pag naka 10gig k na a day.

  2. Hi, I am a globe dsl sub for so long, paying 1,350/mo. Is it true that I should now be getting 10Mbps connection with an increased cap? ~ 50GB?
    Free of charge with no hardware changes?

  3. Hi,

    Question lang, newly installed lang yung plan 1299 ko.

    I am not sure kung panu i-enjoy yung 6 months free access sa HOOQ.
    Nag try lang ako gamit yung HOOQ app.. Nag sign up lang ako using my email address and phone number then nkakapagbrowse na ko ng movie.. my nabasa kasi ako na need to wait the SMS for the credentials to access the HOOQ pero wala pa ko narreceive.. worried ako baka may add charge yung pag access ko sa HOOQ tru App

    1. Hi! I didn’t get an sms, i just followed the instructions sa email, actually hehe.. Click daw, then it took me to the app and I entered my email addy and it asked me to nominate a password =) Goodluck! Also, ni avail ko rin un free Netflix for 6 months!

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