When in Japan Wear a Kimono

Our Kimono Experience in Tokyo (浅草レンタルきもの古都 Asakusa)

My late grandfather was a retired military general and when he gets overseas assignments, he takes his family with him.  In the early 60’s, he was sent to Japan and my mom along with her brothers spent their younger years there,  hence the attachment to the country and its culture. 🙂


Lola Kimono Koto Asakusa
my Lola wearing a Kimono in the 60’s

Immediately after getting our Japan Visa,  Momskie asked me to look for a place in Tokyo where we could do a photo-op wearing a Kimono.  Her exact words were “I want to wear a Kimono on my birthday.. like Mommy (my Lola), look for a place where we can buy one or have our pictures taken!”.   It was quite a tall order! :roll:  LOL

I then sent some of my friends a message and asked if they could recommend a good place for a Kimono experience.  I think it was Cha or Apol who told me to visit the TokyoCheapo website.  So I did.  🙂


There were a ton of shops listed on TokyoCheapo’s website but I opted to send an email to Asakusa Kimono Koto.

I picked this shop for 3 reasons: 1)  Their package already includes hairstyling (for online reservations) 2)  Asakusa is just a train station away from our apartment in Ueno 3) The article says “Bonus: there is one English-speaking staff, so you can make reservations/correspond via email in English.” 


Kimono Koto did not disappoint.  Aside from their attractive and reasonable packages, they have a plethora of Kimonos with gorgeous designs.  Their staff was friendly and very accommodating.  The language barrier was a given but it was not a big deal since there were some staff members who could speak a little bit of english.   😉


To get the most out of the Kimono experience,  I suggest you send them an email ahead of time and reserve your slot online.  The package includes the Yukata (casual summer kimono), Obi (sash), Bag, Sandals,  Hair styling and Ornamental hairpin. (¥3000/pax)

They have a different rate for walk-in customers and I know this because when I got there, the first person that I spoke with gave me a different package and I had to remind them that it wasn’t the price quoted to me via email.  

Also, you have to rent the undergarment and pair of Tabi socks at ¥300 each.  That’s a total of ¥600 for both not unless you have your own pair of white ankle-high socks with a separation between the big toe and other toes.   😎


Here’s the breakdown of our bill:

Yukata Set with Hair Styling: ¥6000 (¥3000/pax)
Undergarment: ¥600 (¥300/pax)
Socks: ¥600 (¥300/pax)
Tax: ¥560

Total: ¥7760 (About ¥3880/pax)

That’s actually cheap compared to the other shops around the area!  And for the experience,  it’s worth ever penny!  😎


Kimono Koto has 2 shops and both are located on the same street so you shouldn’t worry on which shop to choose when booking for your slot.   I chose shop #1 but when we got there, we were asked to proceed to shop #2 anyway.

Here’s a photo of the 2 mannequins that they placed outside the building of their 2nd shop so customers can easily spot them..

Kimono Koto Asakusa Location


Here’s the form that you have to fill out before the whole shebang..

Asakusa Kimono Koto Form


The undergarment + Tabi socks  🙂

Kimono undergarment and Tabi socks


Getting fixed up by this warm and sweet Japanese Lady..  😛

Kimono Koto Asakusa Kimono


Hairstyling time.. 😎

Kimono Koto Hair Styling


And because I have short hair, they added “fillers” 😎

Kimono Koto Asakusa Hair Styling


Done done done done……  😉
Of course, Snapchat!!!! LOL

                      Asakusa Kimono Japan            Kimono Asakusa Kimono Koto Japan


While wearing the Kimono, you can actually roam around town and take photos. Most of the popular tourist spots in Asakusa’s just about 5 minutes away from the shop.
We went to the Sensoji Temple, passed by Thunder Gate (Kaminarimon), had coffee and some snacks at a nearby coffee shop, etc.

It’s safe to leave your belongings behind, just make sure that you bring your important articles with you (wallet, mobile phone, passport etc). You can put those inside the bag that matches your Kimono.   😉


Kimono Asakusa Tokyo Japan



Tokyo Kimono Asakusa


Also, don’t get offended or shocked if you find people taking your picture, or if you get asked to have a photo taken with them.  It’s part of the experience!  😆


Kimono Experience in Tokyo Asakusa



I think it’s safe to say that we had a grand time!  😉

It felt like an achievement because I saw my mom happy.
Mission Accomplished.  😎



So, if you guys are visiting Tokyo, please please please… Please try to fit this activity into your itinerary and look for this shop!  I did my research and it seems that they have the most affordable packages.  It’s also a plus that the location is super accessible and near the train station!


A vacation in Japan’s not complete without wearing a Kimono.

Sabi nga nila, “When in Rome, do what the romans do!”…..
Kaya “When in Japan, Kimono naman!”  😛

Arigatōgozaimasu, anata no kyūka o tanoshimimasu!

Thank you and enjoy your vacation!

Extra Deets:

  • Website:  http://asakusa.kimono-koto.com/english.html
  • Email: asakusa.info@kimono-koto.com
  • Phone: +81-3-6802-7018 (9:30am – 6:00pm)
  • Facebook: Asakusa Rental Kimono Koto
  • Address: 〒111-0034
    Daigen bldg.2nd floor 2-18-12 Kaminarimon taito-ku Tokyo ,Japan
  • Train Line: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line & Tobu Sky Tree Line
  • Train Station: Asakusa; In Front of Exit 2
  • Don’t forget to return the Kimono by 5:00 pm, or you can pay an additional fee of ¥1000 if you wish to return it the next day





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  1. Our Kimono rental wargo Sensoji store in Tokyo is located along the way to the Asakusa Engei hall on Rock street with many jinrikisha all around it. If you are planning to visit Shin Nakami Street and Sensoji Temple, the authentic kimono experiences and hair arrangements will tell you how it feels being a real Japanese!

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