Boyfriend does my make up challenge

Boyfriend Does My Make Up Challenge (with Kim0fthew0rld)

Meet Kim…

Ball Pit Manila


He is my boyfriend and we’ve been together for more than 9 years now.  Our love story started out to be a little complicated, but what the heck, truth be told we’ve never been happier since we met each other. <3

Kim’s sweet, adorable, very likable, creative and super super funny!  Aside from the fact that we like doing things together,  I think those traits contribute to how or why we’ve come this far.













Worth mentioning, he is also the most supportive boyfriend or partner I know.   I am a very complicated person and I want to do a lot of things, he never stopped me nor discouraged me.  I would like to believe that I am the same with his causes.  (hehehe)


Recently, I have been active with vlogging and blogging (again), and he showed me nothing but full support.  When I need to attend an event or film something, he’s been always at my side and I never heard him complain. (Thank you, Babylove)


This leads to the latest video that I have posted on YouTube. =)  (Hahaha Yun pala ‘yon?!)

We’ve been seeing a lot of couples, celebrity or not, posting their version of the “Boyfriend does my makeup challenge”.  When I mentioned this to Kim, he was hesitant at first because according to him “Ikaw nga walang alam sa make up, ako pa!” Hahaha  This is true though,  I am not a fan of makeups and I don’t own a lot. LOL

But being the spoiled girlfriend that I am, he still indulged! LOL

Kim is known to post funny videos of himself on his Instagram account so it didn’t take a lot of convincing, actually.  (Instagram: Kim0fthew0rld >> that’s a zero btw)

Please watch our video and if you’re reading this, I consider you as tagged!

Please please tag me or let me know if you did the challenge, too!!!  I’d love to see how everything turned out from your end! =)





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2 thoughts on “Boyfriend Does My Make Up Challenge (with Kim0fthew0rld)

  1. Boyfriend Does Make Up Challenge is so Sweet, Funny, Amusing & even so Inspiring! The Couple had Tender Time Bonding with each other!

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