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Cheap Finds in Japan: Daiso, Donki and Thunder Gate

I love Japan! 💜

(If you’ve been,  I know you do, too!  If you haven’t been,  then get ready to fall in love! 😉  )


I’ve been to different countries but after our Japan trip,  I can easily say that this country’s my  new favorite.  💜  💜  💜


Japan Manhole



Yes, a lot of people would say that it’s expensive to go to Japan yada yada yada…  But if you let yourself get intimidated, you’ll feel disheartened and won’t even entertain the thought of booking a plane ticket or applying for a visa.


Food, accommodation, and transportation can be a bit expensive but it’s worth every penny!  The thrill of experiencing their culture and being able to witness the energy of everyone and everything in Japan is priceless!


Don’t let other people’s perception of Japan hinder you from exploring the land of the rising sun!  It’s a shame that Japan has that reputation, but to be honest, the prices are just comparable to European countries, if not cheaper.   You just have to do your homework before your trip and you’ll be fine!




Akihabara Electric Town
Akihabara Electric Town



Here’s my list of  “Where to find cheap (but kawaii) stuff in Japan”:

***spoiler alert: if you don’t want to read through everything here, you can scroll down and check the video instead! hehehe***


1. Daiso:  Haven  Heaven for everything that you don’t need but want have to buy!  Hahahah

Like seriously, I had a lot of  “OMG, I don’t need this, but… yeah I think I do!”  moments.  😆

Everything’s just too kawaii that you’d have to indulge!!!


Daiso Water Bottle
Yep, it’s a super kawaii water bottle! 💜



Well, we have Daiso in the Philippines but it’s just wrong not to visit the store when you’re in its country of origin.  Hehehe


Tip: don’t be surprised when you don’t see a price tag on their items.  (I panicked within my first 5 minutes at the store! LOL)

Most of the items they sell are priced at 100 yen, and if it’s not just a hundred yen, you’ll notice a sticker with its actual price.  You can check the image below for reference.  Set of coasters at 100yen VS Hand Mixer priced at 150yen.  (Hope you’ll find this info helpful! hehe)


Daiso Japan Price



According to Daiso’s website, their mission is to help customers “Find Surprises & Fun!”

They did not fail me. 💜💜💜


2. Donki or Don Quijote –  If Daiso was my heaven for everything that I don’t need but want,  Donki’s “Let’s pretend we need this, shall we?”  LOL


Donki Japan Weird Slippers



Kidding aside, Donki has everything.  Name it… they have it!  I am NOT kidding.

They have everything from food,  toiletries, beddings,  curtains,  sex toys (yeah, I mean it!),  medicines, and makeups!  It’s a one stop shop for everything that you need.  (I’d say natalo nya ang SM! LOL I’ll give you a Donki tour on my next video upload!  😆 )


We went to Don Quijote in Akihabara and they occupy about  5 (or 8) floors!!!!  That big a playground, kids!!!  😎


3. Thunder Gate (Asakusa) –  at the outer-gate of Asakusa’s Senso-ji temple,  you’ll find the Kaminarimon which means “Thunder gate”.


Thunder Gate in Asakusa Japan


If you remember my post about wearing a Kimono, then you already know where Asakusa is!  😉

(click here to see the video)


The path that leads to the temple is called the Nakamise Shopping Street.   Here you’ll find souvenir shops and food stalls.



Nakamise Shopping Street in Japan
Nakamise Shopping Street


This place is a nice go-to for authentic Japanese souvenirs and street food!  I’ll probably have another blog post dedicated to Asakusa, watch out for it! Hehe


I got a ton of snacks in Japan and for the most part, I bought them in the 3 places I mentioned above.  (except for the boxed ones like the Tokyo Banana and Art cookies, though)


Haul Daiso Donki Japan



Please watch the video below for some of the items that I got from Daiso, Donki and Thunder Gate 💜




Extra Deets:


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and it somehow helped ya!!

Thanks, super duper!!  xoxo


~ Kay


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