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Blog Giveaway Winners: Sneaker Box Manila Vouchers

To everyone who participated, SUPER DUPER THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!!!  Y’all are amazing!!!

To the winners, Congratttttts!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing and reposting my Instagram post and video!

And to those who didn’t win, please don’t be sad… I have other giveaways lined up.. just watch out for it!



Blog Giveaway Mojito Monologues


To @ITSMAIMAIADONA (Instagram winner) and Justin Ching (Facebook winner) please find the instructions below on how to claim/ use your vouchers:

  1.  Send me a message on Instagram or Facebook
  2. I will send you a photo of your vouchers (2 vouchers worth 500pesos each) with their corresponding serial numbers
  3. Send me a photo of one valid ID with picture (ie: Government issue ID)
  4. Send me the date when you plan to visit Sneaker Box Manila (Promenade, Greenhills) so I can coordinate your visit with them
  5. Don’t forget to bring your ID and photo of the voucher I sent you so they can honor the discount
  6. Purchase and enjoy your new pair (or pairs!)
  7. Don’t forget to post a picture at the store and tag us, ayt? =)



  • As per owner, you can use one voucher per pair
  • The vouchers are transferable, just let us know in advance
  • The vouchers can only be used for shoe purchases
  • The vouchers are not convertible to cash



’til my next blog giveaway!!!!

Thanks, super duper!!  xoxo


~ Kay


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