SkinStation MaxiLight Facial Diamond Peel Review

Should you get a diamond peel? (SkinStation MaxiLight Facial x Diamond Peel)

A diamond peel is a type of microdermabrasion which removes the layer of dead skin cells on the uppermost part of our skin.  It promotes a clearer and brighter complexion with zero downtime – the effect can be noticed almost immediately! =)

The handheld tool used for the procedure has a diamond tip which loosens those nasty dead skin cells in a gentle manner,  it is non-invasive which means you can go about your day as usual.   The instrument has a built-in suction or vacuum that sucks the dirt away.

Getting a diamond peel is painless but if you have sensitive skin, you’ll feel a bit of a tingle or sting.  This is almost unnoticeable if you’ve exfoliated or used scrubs before.


Should you get a diamond peel?

Should I get a diamond peel



It’s not my first time to get a diamond peel but I’d like to share my experience with SkinStation since it’s my first time to try this procedure with them.

I’ve tried their Collawhite Facial with Red Light Therapy before, you can check this post for more details.  


The whole procedure took over than an hour,  facial included.

Am I complaining?  No, no and no!

With the other facial centers  I’ve tried, their diamond peeling session lasts for a few minutes only.  I’d say that with SkinStation,  you’ll get your money’s worth because they don’t rush the procedure.

Getting a facial and a special procedure should never be rushed!  We’re talking about our faces here!!!  😀


My skin felt tighter and smoother.  I even had that rosy cheek effect and it lasted for a few hours (LOL).  My pores were tighter and my blackheads were gone (The MaxiLight Facial helped a lot, btw!).

It’s been a few days ago since our facial but my skin’s still spankin’ clean/clear and free of those nasty blackheads.   Most importantly, the fine lines around my eyes were minimized and my dark circles lightened by a few shades.

It was also a plus that Ate Jane was very thorough and careful.  Aside from being  super nice and friendly, she was also kind enough to give me a walkthrough of the steps being done.   (Thank you, Ate Jane!)

To be honest, I’ve never been to a SKINSTATION branch that got me disappointed.  I always find myself leaving happy, contented and excited for my next visit.




If you’ve already tried getting a facial or any other service done by the awesome peeps of SkinStation, please let me know your experience.  🙂

If not, I hope you can visit a SkinStation branch near you! =)

Trust me, it’s a bang for your buck! =)


Extra Deets:

  • To book an appointment or schedule a FREE consultation with their doctors, call the numbers below:
    • Customer Care Hotline: (02) 405 5790*
      0925 525 8323 (Sun)
      0917 583 GLOW (4569)
      Hotline Business Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9:30AM to 9:00PM
  • Website:
  • Facebook: SkinStationPh
  • Instagram: @skinstationph




I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and it somehow helped ya!!

Thanks, super duper!!  xoxo


~ Kay


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