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10 Things No One Ever Told You About Coloring Your Hair Funky

You’re probably reading this because you’re either a hair dye addict or you’re planning to get your hair done.  Whatever the reason, I want to give you a virtual hug and tell you that you came to the right place.  😉


Chances are, if you’ve been into unicorn or Disney princess hair for awhile, you can relate to the items below.  If you’re a newb, read on and find out if this journey’s for you.  😆



“Life is too short to have boring hair.”


Hair story Colored Hair



1. Your hair will be BLEACHED – Ok, I may be completely inaccurate that it’s a requirement, but if you want that Highlighter PINK or that Mid-Saturated blue-green color also known as TEAL to really show up and look vibrant, then you have to start with an almost blank canvas.  Bleaching strips off your natural hair’s color allowing the pigments of dye to penetrate well so you can rock your locks and show off any color that you fancy.


Let me share with you a photo of my hair at its lightest shade.

Bleached Hair

Ey!!! Focus on my bleached hair not on my mouthful of rice and tonkatsu! LOL

Tip:  Don’t wash your hair for a few days before getting your hair bleached.  This ensures that you have your natural oils protecting your scalp when you do the procedure.  This at least lessens the itch and sting.  Rumor has it, too,  that the bleaching process is more effective when done on unwashed hair.   Also, if you can space out the bleaching process and the coloring for a few days,  do it!   I’m really not sure about the accuracy of this, but I personally practice doing such because I feel that it allows my hair (and head) to rest in between shocks.

2.  Your hair will be dry AF –  As mentioned before, bleaching strips off the color of your hair to give you a blank canvas to work with.  Along with this, it also breaks down some molecules and fatty acids on your hair shafts which result to dry, brittle and weak hair.

Tip:  Invest on hair treatment products like serums, leave-in conditioners, and hair-spa creams.   Buy products that are specifically made for color treated or damaged hair.  I use almond oil mixed with a little bit of castor oil to treat my hair at least thrice a week.

3.  The color of your hair will bleed –  to give you a mental picture, imagine yourself at the gym sweating blue or walking under the rain while staining your light gray pullovers. 😕  But seriously, it’s bound to happen no matter how much you try to avoid it.  Expect a few stains here and there – on your hands, nape,  hairline, toilet tiles, towels, bath slippers, clothes, beddings, etc.   Don’t get shocked when you see dye circling around your bathroom or bathtub, this is totes normal!

Tip: Use dark towels or beddings.  If you can get hold of sheets or towels that matches the color of your hair, then that would be awesome!  You might also want to consider packing an extra pillow case when traveling.  This way, you won’t risk staining those white linens in hotels.  And if you stain your hands, worry not, a dash of baking soda works like a charm!

Bleeding hair color

Since my hair is purple right now, I use lavender bath slippers and a violet towel  😎

Solution to bleeding hair dye

4.  The color will fade –  bleeding leads to fading.  After a few weeks, your hair color will be less vibrant and will be lighter by a few shades.

Tip:  Use shampoo that doesn’t have sulfate.  The said chemical strips off the color faster  (according to google LOL).   Also, if you have access to dry shampoo, you can use that instead of washing your hair on a daily basis.

5.  Some colors don’t fade – You’ll find that when the dye fades off from your hair, some color will stay,  you might also find streaks from your older dye.  In example, you’re rocking lavander now, and when it fades, if your last color was green, you might find a few streaks with a tinge of faded green somewhere.

It could sometimes look messy or dirty, but you can also have it recolored or re-bleached.   (This is kinda where the cycle begins hahaha)

Tip: Be prepared to have frequent visits to the salon, or if you’re DIY’ing, buy extra dye or coloring for emergency touch ups!

6.  Avoid chlorine or salt water – Pool and beach water lightens the hair color a few shades, please see photo below.   I went to Boracay with Pink hair and went home with a pinkish orangey salmony blondish shade.  Hahahaha I had to wear a hat for the rest of the trip. LOL

Tip:  Wear a swim cap.  LOL   Another option would be applying a serum or a few drops of conditioner before taking a dip, this at least adds a layer of protection to your colored and slightly (or already) damaged hair.  😉

Beach Water on Colored Hair

Boracay Island Philippines

7.  You will get a lot of attention –  People will be curious if you’re hair is real or if the color’s just chalk or spray.  Some will ask permission to touch your hair, whilst some will just awkwardly stroke your locks without your permission.  (Creepy! LOL)   Btw,  rude stares are included, especially if you have tattoos or piercings, too! #TrueStory

8.  Expect to hear a lot of comments – Both positive and negative remarks are in order.  They’d either say that the color suits the stylish you or ask if your hairdresser’s f*cked up! hahahahaha

9.  People will assume your status in life –  Expect to be asked if you’re a member of a band, leader of a cult, struggling artist, bored/unemployed or simply filthy rich and don’t need a decent job.

Tip for items 7/8/9 – Don’t mind them! Smile and move on.  We can’t please everybody and we do not owe anyone an explanation for our choice of hair color.   You can always ask them back why they chose to be so boring? LOL Just kidding!!!!!!!! Was just thinking out loud! hahahahah

TBH, our personality, talents, and skills are not dependent on our hair color, we just have to explain this nicely and hopefully, people would understand.

But if your work requires you to NOT color your hair (ie: Front desk in a hotel, Lawyer, Doctor, Nurse, etc), then you always have an option to just use hair chalks and sprays on your off or vacation days!  Don’t let anything stop you from expressing yourself, my dear! =)

10.  It’s addicting – Not the bad kind, but more of having the feeling of “OMG, I’m not done yet, I think I should try (insert color here) next!!)  😆  It’s a cycle that’s hard to break, I tell ya!  I’ve said it a couple of times before na “Ok, promise, last na to, ayoko na!” haha…  But I find myself checking Instagram and Pinterest for hair posts.  LOL

Tip:  Just go with it and do what you want.  No one’s too old or too whatever to pass on the chance of trying to dye their hair pink at least once in their lifetime! =)  Life’s too short to not do what you wanna do!  And when you’re over it, YOU are the only one entitled to call the shots and decide whether you want to finally bleach it out or dye your hair black and end the cycle.

Whether you have colored hair or not, do not let anyone define you.  Never tolerate discrimination and at the same time, never pass judgment so quickly.    We all have our own uniqueness or misses, it’s just a matter of respecting a person’s individuality.

Here’s a video version of what I just wrote:


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and it somehow helped ya!!

Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or questions.   You can send me a message or post a comment below! =)  I’d love to hear your thoughts! <3



Thanks, super duper!!  xoxo


~ Kay


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