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Giveaway: GoPro Leather Case

Hi there! It’s me again, Kay!   😉

Ooops!! Sorry!!!!  Why the heck did I type my usual YouTube video intro? LOL (Force of habit! #sorryna)

Anyhoo, if you remember, I bought this really really cool handmade leather case for my GoPro back in July.   And because I super duper loved it, I posted the details here on my blog and @Lakwatsalove allowed me to put a coupon code on my post so that my readers can get a discount when they order!

According to Nympha,  she got a lot or orders from peeps using my coupon code so she sent me a package.

(((Thank you sooo much!!! Luff ya super duper, Pachot!!!)))

And since I’m super in love and attached to my current case (plus I love you guys)…   Imma give the stuff she sent over to 2 lucky winners!!!!!!!!!

Check them out:

Vlog Giveaway GoPro Leather Case

You can find the instructions on how to win these babies here:




Thanks, super duper!!  xoxo


~ Kay


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4 thoughts on “Giveaway: GoPro Leather Case

  1. ms. mojitomo im still here in cruise ship and i am working as a bartender.. i gonna make for you a lovely mojito with any flavor you want basta manalao lang ako and i like the brown one.. any ways first week of december pa ako nasa pinas.. hopfully manalo ako kung andnif not bette luck next tym hehe send your email as well for if i order to you.. thnks

    1. Hi Rodge! Thanks for the mojito offer.. tempting! LOL Anyway, if you want to order, you can go to the FB Page of Lakwatsalove and speak with Nymph. She’s the seller of these lovely cases =)

  2. Hi 🙂 I read from lakwatsalove’s post that a discount coupon can be found her in your blog. Hihi. But I cant find it. Meron pa po ba? Lol. I really want that leather case.

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