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Are you ready for Halloween?

Halloween’s one of my favorite holidays.   Not because I want to celebrate the dead (or undead) and be super creepy and evil, but because I feel that this is the time where most people are able to let loose and be whoever or whatever they want to be without the fear of being judged.




Let’s face it, people these days are so judgmental that they’ll make  you feel that you owe them an explanation when you go out and you look or dress differently.  (I hate those kinds of people – Sorry!)



Halloween Snow White


Anyway… not because it’s Halloween, you have to look evil or creepy, there are tons of ways to celebrate it without turning your back from your beliefs and what not’s..

Like this cute little baby…. hehehe



So, how do you prepare for Halloween?


1. Decide on  your character – Do a little bit of research and list down all your options (Do you want to be a princess, a rockstar, a popular movie character, etc).   Go crazy on this, it’s fine… options are good!


2.  Check your closet –  After coming to a resolution about your peg, scan your belongings if you already have most of the things that you need for your chosen character (ie:  If you chose Little Red Riding Hood, do you actually have a Red cape or hood?).   Gather all of the materials that you already have available.


3.  Work with what you have –  Are you willing to spare some dough for your mini project?  If not, go back to step 1 and look for another character that would require fewer materials or look for a character that  would fit into the things that you already own.  (ie: If you own a leather jacket, why not be a rockstar or a sexy/ handsome vampire.  Just do your makeup and put on your leather jacket and you’re all set!)


4.  Buy ONLY the essentials –  If you’re willing to spend some cash for your event, just buy what you need.   Don’t go overboard unless you have more than enough budget.   I’m saying this because chances are, you won’t use the same costume next year – not unless you do a different version or revamp the outfit and turn it into another character.  (Would you buy a sword for P8,000.00 just for props?  Some would, but I won’t! LOL)


5.  DIY your special effects – Youtube’s the best DIY teacher!!! Why buy fake blood or latex when you can make your own?  The less expensive way.   You just have to be creative and resourceful!! =)


6.  Organize – Put everything together in one box or area in your home as you collect everything that you need.   I’ve had this bad experience before wherein I kept collecting props and materials but never got to use all of them because it was out of my sight on the day of the event.


7.  Screenshots and reference links for tutorials – Make sure that you have all of these handy.  Save a screenshot of your peg on your phone to make shopping easier.  (A few days ago, I asked a sales lady for a Snow White headband, for crying out loud – she handed over a Minnie Mouse headband.  #TrueStory)   And if you can download the videos for your tutorial, do it.  This is just in case your data or ISP decides to go on a downtime a few hours before your party.


8.  Enjoy, Party on and don’t get drunk – Not unless you want to be tagged as the night’s “Drunk Disney Princess”  LOLx.


So there you have it guys… I hope you found this post helpful.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.  Also, if you want to share your Halloween pegs this year,  I’d be more than happy to see them! <3


Please watch my video below… you know,.. just in case you want to channel Snow White, too! Hehehe

And if you fancy Hannibal, scroll down for Kim’s transformation video, too!  LOL




Thanks, super duper!!  xoxo


~ Kay


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