Diode Laser Hair Removal SkinStation Review

Can a Diode Laser Hair Removal procedure solve your underarm issues?

SkinStation has a reputation of being  “The Philippines’ leading clinic in painless diode laser hair removal” and I’ve been very curious and eager to try this procedure but I never did because of these reasons:


  • I am not a fan of sleeveless tops  (but a fan of off shoulder shirts and blouses LOL)
  • I have huge arms, therefore, showing them off (armpits included) isn’t my thing
  • I am pretty ok with how my pits look (They’re not snow white, but not scary dark either LOL)
  • There are times that I notice some ingrown hair or chicken skin, but some scrubbing and a quick wax sesh or close shaving seems to solve it for me (I think? Ok, not really! LOL)


But since they’re running a promo right now, I took the plunge and tried it!  (What a cheapskate! 😳   😆  hahaha #sorrynotsorry #whodoesntlikepromosanyway)

I only paid P750.00 for one session instead of the usual price which is P1500.00 per session.  (Discounts are available when you buy sessions in bulk, too!  You can visit their Facebook page to check their latest promos)



SkinStation Diode Laser


(I’ll post the video of my actual experience at their clinic below)


I’d like to share some of the benefits of getting this procedure done:

  • It helps prevent chicken skin
  • It smoothens the underarms and prevents ingrown hair
  • Better than IPL
  • No more painful waxing, threading or plucking sessions
  • No more razor cuts or burns
  • Painless (Well,  you can feel a bit of sting but it’s not bothersome nor painful.  If you can tolerate plucking your pits or eyebrows, this would be a walk in the park)
  • You can finally say goodbye to unwanted hair (According to the aesthetician who carried out the procedure on me, immediate improvement in as early as 2 weeks after the first session can be observed. 😎   To achieve the best results, it’s better to do a few more sessions.)
  • Better looking pits! (Achieve your #kilikiligoals!!!)


I’ve gathered that the Diode Laser Hair Removal procedure does not whiten the underarms per se, but the effects delivered by it causes the pits to appear lighter and smoother.  Again, it is not a whitening procedure but it puts the causes of dark underarms to bed.   😛


If you’re planning to get this procedure done and you wish to get its full potential,  I suggest that you visit this link for the Before and After prep tips.


Please watch the video below for further details:





I hope that you found this post helpful! ♥♥♥

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please post them below or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.


Thanks, super duper!!  xoxo


~ Kay


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    1. Hi! It’s not required, optional naman sha.. I didn’t buy kasi I have axilight serum that I can use a few days later.. pero post laser chorva, sobra nag chika kami ni ate, nalimot ko na after LOL

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