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My BeautyMNL Experience and Haul (Mojito Monologues x BeautyMNL)

Shopping online is love!!!! 💜💜💜


Mojito Monologues



For the most part, there are tons of products that you can find online that are not readily available at the mall.   It’s easier to find a “limited edition of this or that” online versus visiting each and every branch of your favorite store just to find that very specific item.

And if ever you bump into an item that’s not in stock,  most websites or online sellers would offer to add you to their “waitlist” and notify you when the product is back in stock.  (How thoughtful and convenient is that?)


BeautyMNL waitlist



Shopping online doesn’t just save you on transportation cost, it also saves you from battling the “Manila Traffic”.   Imagine yourself driving to the mall and spending more time on the road than shopping or dining?   It’s just unbelievable!

And when you tell yourself “Promise,  I just need a bottle of foundation and that’s it!”… you end up going home with what you need plus this and that… and this and that! LOL (#truestory Do you agree?😂)

This is also true with online shopping because your eyes may wander around, but at least you got to save on gas and parking, right? (That’s called reallocating your budget! LOL)


 is one of the most reputable online stores here in the Philippines and they hand picked me to give their website a test run.    When I got their email inviting me for a collaboration,  I couldn’t stop smiling because I was super duper excited!!!

Let me share my experience through these videos:




Ola!! Here are the items that I mentioned:

1) L’OREAL True Match Liquid Foundation ₱600.00

2) L’OREAL Super Liner Ultra Sharp ₱600.00

3) Detail Make Over Matte Liquid Lipstick ₱225.00 each

4) Golden Cup Balm in Tin Cup (4g) ₱25.00

5) Suesh Choose Your Own Palette Concealer & Corrector Pot ₱100.00
6) L.A. COLORS Tinted Cheek & Lips ₱149.00
7) Detail Make Over Contour and Blush Palette ₱499.00

8) L’OREAL La Palette Nudes (Beige) ₱800.00

9) Detail Make Over Mineral Pressed Powder ₱199.00

10) Contouring Sponge ₱25.00

11) Royalex Round Latex Sponge ₱20.00 each

Again, Thank you BeautyMNL for this opportunity and collab!!! Love love!! ♥♥♥



If you also love taking selfies (I’m pretty sure you do, too!!), please join their #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. Click here for the complete details:


So there you have it,  guys… I hope you found this post helpful.  ♥♥♥

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please post them below or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.


Thanks, super duper!!  xoxo


~ Kay


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