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Things To Remember When Bleaching Your Hair at Home

For the past few years,  I’ve been wanting to bleach and color my hair at home but I was super duper afraid to further damage my already damaged hair.

If you’ve been following my posts or if you’ve been my friend for a while now,  you’d know what I’m talking about.  Just the same, here’s my hair story:


Hair story Colored Hair


I’ve battled hair fall, brittleness, and extreme dryness!  I resorted to all sorts of treatments – creams and oil.  Name it!  I’ve tried it! LOL


So in 2016,  I promised myself that I won’t have my hair bleached and will let it “rest” for a while.   For the most part of 2016,  I just maintained a purple and black combo.  =)


Purple hair mojito monologues



2017 came and I grew a bit bored with my purple hair.   Not that I hate it,  I just wanted to change lanes for a bit.    😉

Having said this,  I checked the menu of services of my favorite salon and I was taken aback when I saw their prices!   Along with my hair growing longer,  their prices hiked for miles, too! (LOL)  This prompted me that it’s time to muster enough courage and do shizz by myself! Hahaha (Not unless I’m willing to spend over 5k every time I want to change my hair color! :roll:  Hmmm.. Not willing! LOL)


Bleach your hair at home DIY Tips


And like any other “I google everything” gal,  I did my homework and researched about tricks and tips on DIY hair bleaching and coloring.   To save you the trouble,  here’s my own list based on my research and personal experience:

  •  Gather your supplies and make a list if you have to  – 
  1. Bleaching Kit
  2. Petroleum Jelly
  3. Gloves to protect your precious hands
  4. A cape or a shirt that you don’t mind staining/ destroying  (You can also use a garbage bag,  see my pic above.  Just cut a hole for your head and arms 😎 )
  5. Clips to section your hair
  6. Brush or comb to apply the product
  7. Mixing bowl (non-metallic)
  8. Hair cap (Shower cap)
  9. VCO or Argan oil
  10. Treatment Kit or conditioner




  • Read the instructions carefully and don’t skip the strand test
    • Knowledge is key.  If you don’t read the instructions and decide to just “wing” it,  you might end up damaging or losing your hair!!!!! It is important to know the proper way of mixing the product, its proportion and length of time it should stay on your hair.   Doing a strand test is super duper important because you have to check first if you’re allergic to the product or not.  It will also help you gauge whether the length of time is enough for you to achieve the color that you’re looking for.


  • Ask someone else to give you a helping hand
    • Whilst you can use a mirror to look at the back part of your head,  it’s always better to have someone else apply the product for you and avoid missing spots or putting too much product where you don’t need it.  (Trust me it can get very very itchy!)


  • Protect your skin 
    • Use petroleum jelly on your forehead, ears, back of your ears and nape.  Again, the bleaching product can be really itchy and the petroleum jelly will help a LOT!  It also prevents the dye from staining your skin later on.


  • Don’t leave the solution too long
    • Again, follow the instructions on the product insert and avoid frying your hair too long!  It’s easier to do another bleach session if you’re not happy with the results rather than over bleaching and damaging your hair and burning your scalp with one long session.


  • Rinse and condition
    • Always ALWAYS always ensure that you rinse and remove the product on your hair thoroughly.    Never ever forget to condition your hair to “repair” the damage that you’ve caused.  Prevent trauma and show your hair some love!  🙂


  • Coat with oil
    • Whether you’re gonna color your hair after or not,  it’s always best to apply oil (VCO or argan) as a leave-in treatment.   It will help repair the hair shafts,  moisturize your scalp and give your hair a nicer glow.


  • Smile, take a selfie and enjoy your new hair color!!!   😉






So there you have it,  guys… I hope you found this post helpful.  ♥♥♥

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please post them below or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.


Thanks, super duper!!  xoxo


~ Kay


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2 thoughts on “Things To Remember When Bleaching Your Hair at Home

  1. hahaha where are you from i need your help!

    i died my hair to black last nov after my hair got damaged when it was still dyed in ligher tones. now my hair is not absorbing the blondes i’m putting on. and my only option now is bleaching and it’s freaking me out bec i might murder my scalp and hair!

    1. Hi there! Sorry sorry sorry for the super late reply =( Anyway, from what I’ve heard, if you color your hair black, there really is no turning back and bleaching is totally required =( And yes, don’t overdo bleaching.. Where do you get your hair done, tho?

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