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Ice Cream with a Heart (Elait Artisanal Rolled Ice Cream)

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It’s been a while since I posted here! Sorrry!!! I’ve been busy with a lot of things,  my new lipstick brand included.  Hahaha (shameless plugging?)



Elait Ph


Anyway,  last week, we went to the Grand Opening of Elait (Artisanal Rolled Ice Cream) at the Century City Mall in Makati.   They make really really good rolled ice creams and they have an array of awesome flavors and toppings.






The event was fun-filled and we tried tons of flavors!!!  Happiness in a cup indeed!!! Super yum that I had 2 bowls within an hour! (Yikes! hahahaha)

You’ll also see on the video that I am posting below that they asked us to make our own rolled ice creams! (Ka-pressure, pero fun!)  It was a little harder than what I thought.  It made me realise that making these rolled ice creams entail great effort and props to their staff for that.

The CEO and Founder of Elait PH, Francis Reyes, gave a talk, too.  He mentioned that their ice creams are exceptionally tasty because they were made with local ingredients but 99% of the dairy’s imported,  plus the cows that produce their milk are really well taken care of – these cows are given baths daily, fed with high quality food and the like.  In short, happy cows produce better milk! =)


Additionally, it is also an advocacy of this brand to help and assist our brothers and sisters who are hearing impaired.  They  currently have 2 partners who are hard of hearing and this is the reason why you’ll see these basic sign language visual aids lying around their stall. =)  It is the goal of Mr. Francis Reyes to educate people by holding future seminars about this cause.




Let me share with you my Vlog and some photos from the opening:



Mr Francis Reyes and Abi Garcia


Other influencers and bloggers:

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Elait PH Rolled Ice Cream Mojito Monologues Kim Legaspi



So there you have it,  guys… I hope you found this post helpful.  ♥♥♥

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