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VICE Cosmetics – Is it worth the hype? (Review and Swatches)

Vice Ganda and his partners launched their own cosmetic line mainly focusing on bullet and liquid lipsticks late last year (2017) and just a few months after,  they were ready to boast their 2nd batch of shades.   That would be a total of 33 shades in less than 3 months?  (If I got my numbers wrong, let me know! hehe)

Anyway,  I was lucky enough to be schoolmates with one of the partners/owner – Au Mauricio.   😎

With this being said , I (along with my friends) were given VVIP tickets to the launch.  Super funnnnn!!!  I’ve never attended a product launch this bongga! May pa-concert, eh! Hahaha Astig!  😉


Let me share with you some videos.  Scroll further below for the swatches, review and demo! <3









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