Instagram Stories Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Android Users (2019)

instagram stories hacks for android

I have been an iPhone user for the longest time and I recently got an Android Phone (Samsung Note) to accompany my iPhone. Why?

For one, I find the the latest iPhones to be too expensive. ☹️ (If and when they mark down, I might probably get one! LOL)

Second, the photos on my Note are just phenomenal. (mejo OA!LOL)

Just the same, I’m still keeping (and using) my iPhone since it’s super compatible with my Macbook Pro. That’s one thing that Android needs to work on LOL

When I got my android phone, it was a huge adjustment and Youtube was my best friend. I spent countless hours watching tutorials on how to do this and that on an android phone. I had to maximise its features because a Samsung Note isn’t exactly cheap either. 😆

Since Instagram’s my favorite app, I searched for tips, tricks and hacks for android users and got disappointed. There were a ton of videos featuring iPhones but only a few for Android users. =(

I saw a few tips online and for some, I had to figure them out myself.

So to my android loving friends out there, here’s a video that I put together for y’all! Hope ya likeyyyyy! xx

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, just hollaaaa! 





Thanks, super duper!! 

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