Instagram Stories Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Android Users (2019)

instagram stories hacks for android

I have been an iPhone user for the longest time and I recently got an Android Phone (Samsung Note) to accompany my iPhone. Why?

For one, I find the the latest iPhones to be too expensive. ☹️ (If and when they mark down, I might probably get one! LOL)

Second, the photos on my Note are just phenomenal. (mejo OA!LOL)

Just the same, I’m still keeping (and using) my iPhone since it’s super compatible with my Macbook Pro. That’s one thing that Android needs to work on LOL

When I got my android phone, it was a huge adjustment and Youtube was my best friend. I spent countless hours watching tutorials on how to do this and that on an android phone. I had to maximise its features because a Samsung Note isn’t exactly cheap either. 😆

Since Instagram’s my favorite app, I searched for tips, tricks and hacks for android users and got disappointed. There were a ton of videos featuring iPhones but only a few for Android users. =(

I saw a few tips online and for some, I had to figure them out myself.

So to my android loving friends out there, here’s a video that I put together for y’all! Hope ya likeyyyyy! xx

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, just hollaaaa! 





Thanks, super duper!! 

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The Beef Barn Eastwood – Angus Roast Beef ftw!!! (PS: Instagram Contest ongoing!)

Foodstagram Contest the Beef Barn

If you’re my friend on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, you’d know that one of our go-to restaurants in Eastwood would be The Beef Barn.  Yep, when we lived in Eastwood, we’d dine there at an average of 2-3 times in a week! That’s how much we love their US Roast Beef!!!

Just to give you a background, I’ve been a fan of Chef Ivory’s Roastbeef x Tuyo Pasta combo even before they built their restaurant.   They used to have a stall at the weekly Friday banchetto in Eastwood, which was strategically situated outside the building of my former workplace. (1880 building, Orchard rd)

I have nothing but good words for them because the quality of food that they serve is definitely a bang for your buck.  Super sulit, sila pa ata yung lugi kinda thing! Hehehe

You can ask Chef Ivory, I always ask her this question – “The price of your meals are so cheap, kumikita ka pa jan, eh ang dami ng serving?”  She just laughs and tells us that they want customers to go back because their food is good and their price is not unreasonable.


The Beef Barn - Eastwood City


I usually order their Roastbeef + 1 side dish meal, I always get the Tuyo Pasta or Carbonara as my side dish.  Kim orders the Roastbeef + 2 side dishes, he usually gets the Maple Mustard Potatoes and Corn & Carrots.

The Beef Barn Side Dish


The last time that we visited their restaurant, Chef Ivory was there with the love of her life and business partner, Nir.  Coincidentally, was also there for a photo op because they will be featured on Spot’s website soon.  Ang daming ganap during our last visit!!!! Hahahaha

Sultry Chef Ivory Kat Owner of Beef Barn Beef Barn photo op by SpotPH














They’re also running an Instagram contest btw,… See details below! =)

How to Join - Beef Barn Instagram Contest


And if you haven’t tried their food just yet, feel free to look at their menu below:

The Beef Barn Menu The Beef Barn Ala Carte Menu


What I liked?

  • Price of meals – very very very reasonable for the taste and quality of food that you’re getting
  • They also serve liquor (not on pic)
  • They have cheap desserts, too! Props to their coffee jelly!!!! (Ba’t nga wala akong pic?)
  • Store hours: 11am to 4am (amaaaayzing!!!)


What I didn’t like?

  • none

Extra Deets:

  • Restaurant is owned by the Master Chef (Philippines) 2013 3rd placer – Ivory Yat
  • Facebook: The Beef Barn
  • Instagram: @thebeefbarn
  • Location: 2nd floor,Eastwood Citywalk 2, Libis, Quezon City

The Beef Barn Eastwood City


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Blogapalooza 2016 – The biggest business-to-blogger event in the Philippines

Blogapalooza 2016

Blogapalooza hosts a yearly event to help connect businesses to bloggers.

The event aims to assist business owners to save cost and possibly increase their profit and market visibility by interacting with bloggers.

How does Blogapalooza help their business?

Bloggers are expected, but not forced to blog about the products they’ve tried and spread the word.  We know that bloggers these days are very influential and businesses capitalize on this.

There is no other better way to advertise a product than by using the power of word of mouth.   When businesses have real people try their products,   the experiences shared by these individuals (positive or negative feedback) holds more weight that those commercials on TV or print.

Businesses and bloggers register in advance, and due to a limited number of slots, each interested participant will be subject to evaluation and screening by the event organizers.


Well, I was lucky enough to pass the screening process. =)


So, Kim and I got to the venue a little bit early and we had time to take some snaps:

Blogapalooza 2016
Blogapalooza 2016 Registration Desk and Loot Bag


Blogapalooza 2016
Kim being tagged


Blogapalooza2016 Photowall

Prosperity Hall, Elements at Centris
Prosperity Hall, Elements at Centris


Activities, Contests, Raffles, Freebies,… Fun! Fun! Fun!

Here are some of the businesses that we had a great time with:


  • Cocio Philippines

I have been a big fan of the Magnolia Chocolait (in retro bottle) since I was a kid. #80sKid
Truth be told, I found a new favorite – Cocio!
They are da bomb and I have been drinking them even before the event, trust me!   😛

Cocio Ph

They only have 3 ingredients – cocoa, milk, & sugar, and they offer a variant in Classic or Dark! I am in love with the Dark choco flavor!

#nothingbut great taste and great photos! Thank you so much,Cocio Philippines!


Flat Lay Photo Op Cocio Philippines

FlatLay Photo Op Cocio Philippines



  • SkinStation

SkinStation offered a FREE Skin Analysis and featured a “Laser” game thingy.  😛  Didn’t win, but my name got picked during the raffle – yup, still lucky!!! Hehe

We got vouchers for Free Diamond Peel sessions and a super cool “magic” lip balm (will share more info on this soon!)

It is also worth mentioning that everyone at their booth was super nice and pretty, pa!  😆

SkinStation Skin Analysis - Blogapalooza 2016
SkinStation Free Skin Analysis

SkinStation Laser Game Blogapalooza 2016
SkinStation Laser Game

SkinStation - Blogapalooza 2016
Thank you, SkinStation!!!

SkinStation Raffle Winners Blogapalooza 2016
SkinStation Raffle Winners


  • HappyFresh

I was exceptionally impressed with the giveaway given by HappyFresh!  Aside from the eco bags and notepads, they gave us their press kit saved on an 8gb USB flash drive! How cool is that?  😎

Download the HappyFresh app to get groceries delivered to your doorstep within 60 minutes!  Yup, no need to drive, conquer traffic, kill for a parking slot, and fall in line when its payday season! You just have to use their app, choose the items that you need and they’ll happily take your groceries to your home! HappyFresh delivers from 20 branches of Robinsons Supermarkets in Metro Manila!


HappyFresh Blogapalooza2016
with Patrick Cruz of HappyFresh

HappyFresh App
HappyFresh App


  • Chemworld Fragrance Factory

I super love perfumes and colognes.  Luckily, Chemworld Fragrance Factory was at the event and they had a “spin the wheel” game.  And yeah, you guessed it, I got a free bottle of their version of Tommy Girl!  Thanks for the free perfume, guys!!! Smells awesome and legit! Love, love, love it!


Chemworld Fragrance Factory Blogapalooza 2016
with Samantha Melgarejo, Marketing Manager of Chemworld

"Our Version of Tommy Girl" ~ Chemworld Fragrance Factory
“Our Version of Tommy Girl” ~ Chemworld FragranceFactory


  • Hotteok King

When attending events, of course, you’ll get hungry… and we got saved,.. errr.. served! Hahaha Thank you Hotteok King, we loved your Chicken and Korean Ham Bokkumbap!


Hotteok King Korean Kas Bokkumbap
Hotteok King Korean Chicken Bokkumbap

Hotteok Korean Snacks Korean Bokkumbap
Korean Ham Bokkumbap

PS: You have to try their rice toppings, check the menu below and you won’t believe how affordable they are!

Hotteok King at the Blogapalooza 2016
Hotteok King at the Blogapalooza 2016

Hotteok King Flyers/ Menu
Hotteok King Flyers/ Menu


  • Etobee Philippines

Etobee Philippines hosted a faux beer pong (they used water instead of beed) and out of 5 balls, I was able to shoot 3! 😆 #skillz  They gave me a mug and a foldable fan for it! Hehe Not bad!

Etobee is an urban logistics delivery platform which allows users to ship and collect any item they want at the time and place they desire – almost immediately.. like today!

Etobee at the Blogapalooza2016
Thank you, Etobee Philippines!

Etobee at the Blogapalooza2016
Etobee Pong at the Blogapalooza2016


  • Speedycardsph

Speedycardsph is an online business card printing service.  You can go to their website to upload your design or use their templates to create your business card.  Once done, you just have to pay for your order and they will print and deliver it to your doorstep!  They offer a wide array of card types – standard, foil, textured, laminated and even kraft cards!

They offered to give me a bunch of business cards for free, will post them once I get ’em! *excited*


speedycardsph blogapalooza 2016


  • Megawatt Tex-Mex Restaurant

If you want to comfort your palate, you have got to try Megawatt‘s 5-cheese pizza!  It was so good that I had to research about them!! I found out that they served Fried Lasagna and they are situated above a car wash!  How convenient is that? Dining while having your baby washed?  I am so gonna visit them soon!

Megawatt Tex-Mex Restaurant


We enjoyed the event and it was time well spent!  I will register again next year, that’s fosho.. 😀

Props to the organizers of Blogapalooza and all the businesses who generously participated  in the event!  Again, thank you for all the freebies!  😉

Blogapalooza 2016 Freebies

PS: other freebies (food items and drinks) not on the photo, had to consume them at the event! LOLx


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